We help fight chronic disease by connecting dietitians, physicians, patients, and payors to get patients the right care at the right time.

Fighting chronic disease  through an individualized approach to nutrition.

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3 of every 5 people in the US have a chronic health condition.

Only 20% of patients receive any nutrition counseling from their primary care physicians.

Integrated Nutrition Therapy

Comprehensive healthcare includes proper nutrition. In a system that primarily treats the symptoms of chronic disease, Sylvan Health unites payors and providers to help treat the underlying causes through nutrition, improving health outcomes for patients.

80% of chronic conditions can be treated with simple lifestyle changes.

Access to network of dietitians

Access to knowledgeable and qualified nutrition counselors can be difficult for primary care physicians. Our registered dietitians act an extension of the physician's office for convenient and quality care.

Customized care plan

Every person is different. That's why we create care plans that focus directly on each patient's individual needs. Based on a number of biometric indicators and other patient specific variables, we create a care plan that leads to more affordable and better clinical outcomes.

Technology built for value

Technology and data increase efficiency and improve the clinical experience. Our platform connects physicians with our dietitians and tracks patient progress, generating value for all stakeholders.

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Help your patients manage their chronic conditions with medical nutrition therapy.


Gain access to a larger patient population while offloading complicated administrative tasks


Improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care for your patient population.


Learn how to manage your chronic diseases through nutrition and  live a healthier life.

Together we can improve the lives of patients everywhere 

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