Integrating nutrition therapy into care plans to reduce costs, improve outcomes, and save lives.

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Fixing the persistent presence of chronic disease with nutrition therapy

Our platform allows primary care physicians to connect their patients with our network of registered dietitians as we aim to prevent and treat chronic disease with medical nutrition therapy.

Identify at-risk patients who could benefit from MNT.

Refer patients to our network of dietitians for personalized care.

Track patient progress and cost savings over time.

Together we can improve the lives of patients everywhere 

Decrease Costs

By connecting patients with chronic conditions to our network of registered dietitians, we can help reduce ER and inpatient stays. Through proper diet, patients can also have reduced need for medication management.

Increase Access

We are building a network of registered dietitians to offer medical nutrition therapy treatment for both preventative medicine and treatment of a range of health conditions. Our model allows for easy access through telehealth or in person treatment.

Better Outcomes

Getting patients the right nutrition counseling can prevent many conditions from developing into something much more severe. Medical nutrition therapy is proven to help prevent and manage many chronic health conditions.

Enhance Communication

Our platform allows for better communication between patients, physicians, and dietitians. Improved communication allows for better patient management and treatment plan adherence.

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